Blending it Up: The Upside of Inter Racial Relationships

The researchers felt these gains very likely gain from the qualities the companions bring together into their inter racial associations.

In their very first study, they asked nearly 250 undergraduates, each of whom were in dating associations (24% dating interracially) to finish several actions via questionnaire. Participants ranked themselves as well as their partners how illustrative several desirable characteristics were of these. The research team targeted on four broad types of desirable characteristics, that they labeled: (a) Cerebral (e.g., intelligence), (b) relational (e.g., reliable), (c) vibrancy (e.g., confident, exciting), and (d) attractiveness (e.g., alluring, good-groomed). The principal aim of this first research was to determine whether people in inter racial relationships, versus those in intra-racial (i.e., same-race) associations, viewed themselves as well as their companions as having more desirable characteristics.

This 2nd research does a much better job of handling subjectivity concerns by emphasizing ratings people make of themselves versus the ratings they make of the partners. In the finished research the investigators desired to take it one-step farther — by screening whether outsiders perceived these in inter racial relationships as more attractive than these in intra-racial relationships. This moment they had 101 partners (3 1% interracial) come to the laboratory to be photographed. The investigators then had a group of 10 people rate the physical attractiveness of these 202 people (i.e., 101 partners x2) with out any understanding of the photographed matters associations. Figure what? The 10 raters judged these in inter racial relationships as more attractive people compared to those in intra-racial relationships.

Specifically, these open to mixed-race associations are far more attractive people and attractive connection companions than these in same-race associations. Score one for the fundamental assumption of interpersonal appeal: we’re brought to these whose presence is satisfying to us. And whats more rewarding than appealing individuals who also make great connection companions?

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