Do not Be So Fearful Of Dating!

You’re single. Well, clearly, you’re reading this.

Maybe you’re dating somebody, also it’s not feeling right. You’re dating ‘Mr. Good Enough’. You are aware that guy?
The guy that’s really good on paper, but if you see him, you do not feel loosey-goosey. You do not feel all warm inside. In fact, you do not feel much of anything. That irritates you. You want to feel something, and you want to feel because of this guy, but you do not. Thus, you’re out one night with friends, and you meet ‘Mr. Evolved talker.’

The guy is unreal. He is a master with his tongue. It is just conversation now. The way he speaks, the way he manages himself is astonishing. He is charming you, and charming all of your buddies.
The things he says are shrewd, and right on. It is almost as if you’ve met among the smartest guys around. He amuses you and your friends all day. Afterward, he pulls you aside. It is you, he needs.
You’re spinning. You do not understand what to do. You over-assess it. You run home and you Google him, you attempt to discover something wrong with this looking ‘Mr. Right.’

Mr. Right texts you the next morning. It is sweet. It is charming. It is just what you expected from him, but you do not get back to him right away. Instead you spend the whole day talking about him, thinking about him. You want to get back to him. You want to let go, but you’re so bloody frightened because for the first time in so long, you’ve found someone that excites you, and you’re terrified of losing control, and that’s what love is about.

Falling in love is losing control. Falling in love is enabling. Falling in love is meeting somebody you’ve never met before. Falling in love is letting go, and feeling exposed, open, and bloody, a little frightened. It is a lovely thing. Thus, let go. Since you’ll never be able to control love, so do not try.

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