Is it a Fit?

Fit I hear you shout, is there such a thing? It makes it all sound like a game of Catch. Well yes I think there is such a thing. Who do we match with? I think the first issue will be to know who we are and what we are about. Once we realize this then we are able to work out who we can possibly match with. That innocent remark is where lots of individuals fall down. I am often surprised how little people take a great look at themselves. You could believe you perfectly suit Brad Pitt or Pamela Anderson but then would you really know much about them?

That of course alone would be too shallow a premise to compose this article but the primary element of any match is physical compatibility. Fitting with someone on a purely physical level is just not enough to continue. Sex is a component of any relationship to some degree thus appearances do matter, even if to a small extent. After all you should be able to wake up next to that person for months or years to come, and you also must want to be able enough to make love to them in a few sort, even though its only kissing. I regularly here some people state that appearance is just not significant to them and I am consistently impressed. What they really mean is that appearances aren’t significant as along as you like the look of this person already.

So in the end we meet someone. We like the look of these and they like the look of us, we laugh and converse together, we construct an emotional link through dialogue and knowledge and we are brought to every other on multiple levels. Possibly and possibly not. Love is not only about fitting, it’s all about instant chemistry, something enigmatic and mysterious, not quantifiable. For all the right reasons we are able to fall in love in an instant with all the wrong people and after that again, we are able to not really find it within us to love someone who appears so right.

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