Social advice

Theres no doubt that social media like Facebook, Flickr and Twitter ensure it is easy to stay in contact with family and friends, boost your business, and follow your chosen issues. But like any tool, social media work best when used prudently – notably when it comes to dating. Making connections and receiving timely advice can be useful on the dating scene. On the other hand, its easy to slip into TMI territory with someone you hardly know. Just how can you use your social networks to enhance your social life?

Command Yourself- your online self. Use search engines to see what advice can be obtained online about you. You may find that the home address, relatives names along with other personal information are out there. Would you want every prospective date to gain access to that particular data? If not, nows the time to tighten up your privacy on Facebook and Twitter, decide which Flickr pictures you would like to be private or friends-only, and think about whether Foursquare really must know that youre down at the corner pub right this minute. Make your searchable self reveal only what youre comfortable sharing with strangers.

Search Around -In The Event you haven’t been looking up your prospective dates online, start now. On-Line searches and public appointments are able to help you verify that the love interest is who she says she’s or does what she says she does. They are able to also show red flags or lapses in judgment that you just mightn’t otherwise learn about until much later – if ever – in a relationship. If nothing else, youll find out whether your potential date has a great handle on her online picture.

Believe Before You Friend- A great date is a great start, but you dont have to link in with everyone you have dinner or drinks with. When you do add a new man to your own networks, read his posts, see who his friends are, and look into how he acts online. And since hell be doing the same with you, as soon as you add him, contemplate what you place. Would you need this man reading about your wide-ranging record of food allergies or your cats stomach foolhardy while youre attempting to kindle a love affair?

Keep it Real- In the first stages of dating, its tempting to text, tweet or message your new love interest a lot, because its so easy to do. But dont mistake virtual contact for really getting to know someone. Theres much you can learn about a personin man, and even over the telephone, that you cant online. Tone of voice, facial expressions, as well as the eagerness or reluctance with which someone discusses a issue are all sorts of advice which you can only collect by being there.

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