The need for local Haitian women and girls

Haiti has struggled to recover its ground on the world stage following the devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake ravaged the island nation back in 2010, leaving over 230,000 dead.

Even prior to the quake, an estimated two-thirds of the Haitian labor force did not have proper jobs and unemployment was estimated to be over 40%.

But now a brand new number of improbable players are helping to enhance the island’s failing economy: Haitian women (whom you can meet at, the leading Haitian dating site) that are local.

The Clinton Foundation-which has raised over $30 million for Haiti-believes women could be what saves the fighting country and return its economy to a sustainable state. The organization is creating local programs and opportunities made specifically for the Haitian girls (whom you can meet at, the leading Haitian dating site) to acquire entrepreneurial business skills.

Chelsea Clinton, Vice Chair, and Donna Shalala, the organization’s President, were about the island this week furthering the foundation’s efforts in operation involvement with programs focused on girls.

“Chelsea and I, along with those who traveled with us, met extraordinary people and saw first hand the power of our life altering work,” Shalala told Fusion.

Chelsea’s Instagram “takeover” takes us behind the scenes of the travels in Haiti.

However, the journey hasn’t been easy. Almost half of Haitian girls are illiterate; from pursuing their professional aspirations, Haitian women have been barred by the societal stigma of being single or widowed.

The Clinton Foundation’s new plans empower Haitian women to reach their full potential and plan to target.

“I found partnerships. Improvement was seen by me. I viewed our work in action. In the Foundation, we say our goal will be to work ourselves out of a job,” Shalala says of their expertise. “We may not be out of a job rather yet, but we’re definitely on our way.”